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Walk, Cruise, Dine Combinations

All enquiries and booking requests for these Extended Combination Packages can be made via the comments box below. DR5 - 5-Hour Package Daintree Rainforest Tours supplement the 2-hour Grand Fan Palm Gallery Tour with a 1-hour interpreted cruise through the world’s most diverse mangrove community, habitat to estuarine crocodiles and an astonishing diversity of [...]

Walk Cruise Combinations

DR3 - Walk Cruise Combinations Guided walk cruise combinations immerse your party into the adjoining habitats of cassowaries and crocodiles on a guided walk and cruise combination -  2-hour Grand Fan Palm Gallery day tour and a 1-hour cruise through the world’s most diverse mangrove community in search of elusive estuarine crocodiles.   [...]

Greater Wilderness Experience

DR2 - Greater Wilderness Experience Greater Wilderness provides discerning travellers with deeper and more successful access into the centrepiece of the world’s oldest surviving rainforest, revealing tremendous insight into a remarkable landscape.Spectacular old-growth rainforest is presented through the accumulated knowledge of the inhabitant guide. This intensive guided tour, through the awe-inspiring grandeur of majestic, World [...]

Grand Fan Palm Gallery

DR1 - Grand Fan Palm Gallery Tour Grand Fan Palm Gallery tour allows discerning eco-travellers to venture into the heart of the oldest surviving rainforest in the world, in the company of an inhabitant guide.  The grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty within the Daintree Rainforest’s most spectacular fan palm dominated rainforest, has to be experienced first [...]