DR1 – Cooper Creek Wilderness Experience

The Cooper Creek Wilderness Experience provides discerning eco-travellers with a new specialised tour for the intellectually adventurous with ageing legs!

How frustrating it must be, to come to the world-renowned Daintree Rainforest, yearning to experience its World Heritage splendour, but unable to walk the full distance of a 2-hour tour!

It is equally frustrating to be a rainforest guide and Daintree Rainforest expert, with the knowledge to fill a 4-hour tour, but legs that lack endurance.

The solution – put us together in a rainforest refuge that is rich in biodiversity, beauty, ecological intrigue and pristine integrity.

The 1-hour Cooper Creek Wilderness Experience is a fantastic opportunity to venture into the mysterious beauty of the world’s longest surviving rainforest with an expert guide.

Guided, interpreted walking tours are conducted on natural walking trails in small, exclusive groups.  Cultural and natural heritage are interwoven with ecological values and biodiversity.  Fascinating inter-relationships are revealed as an almost impossibly complex ecosystem is explained with the confidence and knowledge that only a bona fide member of the living landscape could possibly reveal.

At the heart of the immersion, a cathedral-like amphitheatre of ancient fan-palms underpins the grandeur of an old-growth canopy of rainforest giants.  This is a place of timeless sanctity and a sacred site for generations of human inhabitants.

The Cooper Creek Wilderness Experience is one of eight experiences available that support conservation of the world’s oldest rainforest.

Departure times: Upon appointment

Duration: 1 hours

Minimum 2 pax

Cost: $50-Adult; $40-Child (under/14)


Please use the comments box below for further enquiries. Include your name, number of people in your party, preferred date and time and any questions.

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