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Daintree Rainforest Tours

Daintree Rainforest – Cooper Creek Wilderness occupies the centrepiece of the last fragment of the oldest surviving rainforest in the world.

Cooper Creek Wilderness – Daintree Rainforest Tours provide ethical access into the heart of the oldest rainforest in the world. Unspoiled by artificial structures and other impediments of mainstream visitor management, this triumph of natural wonder and awe-inspiring beauty conceals hidden riches and inspirational insights.  There is no better way to successfully engage with such elusive complexity and intricacy than through the expertise of long-term human inhabitants. This vitally important extra step, which around 99.5% of visitors to Daintree Rainforest fail to take, draws from the rainforest its human voice and the intellectual property of generations of attentive inhabitants. The profundity of the experience is so entrancing, interest is transformed into intrigue.

Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest Tours have designed high quality guided interpreted tours that showcase the unique biodiversity of exceptional rainforest beauty.  A choice of Day tours is available, either two or four hours in duration.  A one-hour cruise in the estuarine portion of Cooper Creek, or a two-hour birdwatching cruise on the majestic Daintree River, can be added to a rainforest walking experience to make a Combination Tour.  You can also make a package to include meals in a local rainforest restaurant and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a swim in a refreshing rainforest stream (weather permitting).  

You can experience Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest with a local expert and you will understand why this private rainforest was included in the World Heritage Area.  You will also know that your payments for a tour contribute to conservation and protection of a global treasure. Maintaining the natural integrity of the World Heritage landscape means that access is not universally available and may be unsuitable for some with mobility issues.  Wildlife sightings are unpredictable.  Participants must accept the risks of a genuine wilderness experience.   

Rainforest Revelations

207, 2020

Camera Traps – June 2020

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Camera Traps - June 2020 The data collected from Camera Traps over the month of June 2020 may have been skewed by human activity for extensive trail maintenance.  Nevertheless, the month's tally accrued 50-cassowaries, 18-dingoes and 82-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were down at 80% of the monthly average, dingoes were up [...]

206, 2020

Camera Traps – May 2020

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Camera Traps - May 2020 Apart from a brazen Brush Turkey - Alectura lathami (J.E. Gray, 1831), determined not to be excluded from the month's tally, the greatest delight in the data collected from the Camera Traps - May 2020, was the Bennett's Tree Kangaroo - Dendrolagus bennettianus (De Vis, 1887), captured [...]

205, 2020

Camera Traps – April 2020

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Camera Traps - April 2020 Collecting data from the Camera Traps - April 2020, was as informative as it was therapeutic.  Getting back into the jungle, after weeks of post-operative convalescence and collecting from twelve widely-dispersed camera traps, is not a trivial undertaking.  Truth be told, my wife Angie did the majority [...]

604, 2020

Camera Traps – March 2020

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Camera Traps - March 2020 Another technical fault was revealed in the Camera Traps - March 2020 and yet the month captured 70-cassowary images, 264-feral pigs and 10-dingoes in total.  Cassowary sightings fell by 48 from February's sightings, whilst feral pigs increased by 84 and dingoes by 7.  All surviving cassowary chicks from [...]

803, 2020

Kaba Kada

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Kaba Kada - the rainy place. Indigenous language signs have appeared throughout Douglas Shire, marking the completion of Stage 1 - Eastern Yalanji Project, which includes Welcome to Country and Council Place Names. Daintree Rainforest Pty Ltd, operating in the heart of the world’s oldest rainforest, welcomes the new signage and congratulates [...]

2702, 2020

Daintree River

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Daintree River Ferry – Gateway to the Old-World Forest Daintree River and its ferry provide a gateway to Nature's Masterpiece, the unification of World Heritage wonders, including the Great Barrier Reef, the world's richest mangrove community and the oldest surviving tropical rainforest in the world. In 1873, having just established Cooktown to [...]