Frogs of Cooper Creek Wilderness

Frogs of Cooper Creek Wilderness include the world’s ancestral Hylid stock, Microhylids, Myobatrachids and Rana clades.

Magnificently concealed for the greater part of the year, Daintree Rainforest amphibians emerge in their thousands on nights that bring mating opportunities that have been delayed by prolonged drought.  On such nights, in the teeming tropical deluge, the greater abundance of Daintree Rainforest frogs can be best appreciated.  

The phylogeny (below) contains the inhabitant species of Cooper Creek Wilderness:

FRGs (Salientia)

Tree FRGs (Hylidae)


Common Mist FRG (Litoria rheocola)

Dainty Green Tree FRG (Litoria gracilenta)

Green-eyed Tree FRG (Litoria genimaculata)

Giant (White-lipped) Tree FRG (Litoria infrafrenata)

Northern Stoney Creek Tree FRG (Litoria jungguy)

Orange-thighed Tree FRG (Litoria xanthomera)


Australian Lace-lid (Nyctimystes dayi)

Southern FRGs (Myobatrachidae)


Northern Barred FRG (Mixophyes schevilli)


Sharp-snouted Torrent FRG (Taudactylus acutirostris)

True Frogs (Ranidae)

Wood FRG, Water FRG or Australian Bull FRG (Rana daemeli)

Narrow-mouthed FRGs (Microhylidae)


Elegant FRG (Cophixalus concinnus)


Fry’s FRG (Sphenophryne fryi)

True Toads (Bufonidae) (Introduced)

Cane Toad (Bufo marinus)

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