Camera Traps – June 2020

The data collected from Camera Traps over the month of June 2020 may have been skewed by human activity for extensive trail maintenance.  Nevertheless, the month’s tally accrued 50-cassowaries, 18-dingoes and 82-feral pigs.  As aggregated percentages, cassowaries were down at 80% of the monthly average, dingoes were up at 120% and feral-pigs were fewer at 58%.

In the regulated dearth of international visitation, Daintree Rainforest must draw more persuasively upon domestic travellers.  To this end, a new one-hour circuit has been resurrected from the long-rested Cooper Creek Wilderness trail.  This new one-hour route specialises in providing for the intellectually adventurous with ageing legs!  However frustrating it must be, to come to the world renowned Daintree Rainforest, yearning to experience its World Heritage values, but unable to walk the full distance of  a 2-hour tour; it is equally frustrating to be a rainforest guide and Daintree Rainforest expert, with the knowledge to fill a four-hour tour, but with legs that lack endurance.  The solution:  Put us together in a rainforest refuge that is rich in biodiversity, beauty, ecological intrigue and pristine integrity.  The 1-hour Cooper Creek Wilderness Tour is a fantastic opportunity to venture into the mysterious beauty of the world’s longest surviving rainforest with an expert guide.

The well-trodden and much loved Grand Fan Palm Gallery trail has a new and improved end-section and the majestic four-hour Greater Wilderness Experience has been tidied up from accumulated debris and other expressions of natural disturbance.

Daintree Rainforest also hopes to increase its profile to potential trade from passing traffic, with upgraded signage.  For the regulatory requirements of compliance, there can be no increase in the area of advertising the business can project, but within the approved area of advertising instrument, new graphics should punch out with revitalised affect.  For the past six-years, a cassowary family has populated the property’s signage, with Mum (Big Bertha), Dad (Crinkle Cut) and youngsters (Custard & Lucius).  In retrospect, appealing to the traveller desire to spot a cassowary certainly pulled a lot of traffic into the property, but it didn’t necessarily transform them into willing customers.  This time round, for the sake of variety, we have decided to showcase different landscape images on each of the advertising panels.

Whilst there remains some restriction to fulfilling our carrying capacity and also physical-distancing remains important, there is still hope for recovery of ecotourism on the horizon, albeit domestic at present and Daintree Rainforest is open for business.

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