Green Dinosaur Variations

Ribbonwood Well-known to the timber community, 'Ribbonwood' is an attractively grained timber that was extremely restricted in its distribution.  The primitive angiosperm Idiospermum australiense, a.k.a. 'The Green Dinosaur', is an ever-reliable piece of evidence of rainforest continuity over a period spanning more than 170-million years.  It helps to explain why the Daintree Rainforest, on the eastern [...]

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Evolutionary Attraction?

What evolutionary attraction would lead fungi to produce light?  According to the Wet Tropics Management Authority, no one knows why they bioluminescence, but across an incredible evolutionary history, and in circumstances of such consistent windlessness, fungi appears to have adapted by mimicking the reproductive visual cue of the flightless female firefly. Emitting an identical light, from an identical chemical reaction, the [...]

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Forest Flame (Strongylodon lucidus)

Forest Flame (Strongylodon lucidus) is a woody vine, also known as Pink Strongylodon.  It is flowering prolifically at the present, but its Daintree Rainforest flowers are reddish-orange.  The image above also shows a Golden Orb-weaver Spider Nephila pilipes) in the lower right corner, no doubt aiming to catch the butterflies and bees that will be attracted to the colourful [...]

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Fan-tastic Story of Success

Simplicity, efficiency, endurance and connection seem to be recurring themes within our forests.  What factors contribute to the continuance of the spectacular fan palms, Licuala ramsayi that have spanned 170million years?  Fossil records of these plants have been found in Antarctica and are acknowledged as ancient Gondwana plants. The leaf design is incredibly smart.  Its [...]

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Licuala Forests

The timeless grandeur of rainforest giants, individually exceeding a thousand years old, form a primary canopy above, that excludes much of the sunlight, whilst a secondary canopy of fan palms, Licuala ramsayii forms a vaulted ceiling of green parasols under the shadow of the overarching big trees.  Strength, beauty, eternity, spaciousness and diversity, have an [...]

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A Living Green Dinosaur

World Heritage listing of the Wet Tropics of Queensland in December 1988 was a conservation endorsement of the highest order that included a range of tenures including freehold land. Never before or since, has Australia imposed a conservation imperative of international dimension on freehold land. […]

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