As a newcomer to the rainforest you will see a great many trees of incredible diversity, but you will be hard pressed to see the intricate and secretive wildlife.   You really need to go with a local expert, someone who lives in the rainforest, to help you to see, say, the secret world of spiders.

Look closely at the picure above. See the lichen spider? These are common in the rainforest, but rarely seen. We locate them at night, from their ‘eye-shine’. If you come on a night walk, you will learn how to use your torch (flashlight) to pick up a multitude of the secret critters of the forest. Finding them again in daylight is the tricky part because it requires detailed knowledge of every tree to find the one with the invisible spider.

Exploring the intricacies and interrelatedness of the rainforest has become a challenge for Cooper Creek Wilderness. We have moved to another dimension in rainforest interpretation that constantly amazes our guests.

We enjoy sharing these intimate glimpses with visitors to the Daintree who want a more meaningful experience than can be achieved on a boardwalk.

Over time, you understand that there is a great deal more to a rainforest than what meets the eye. The complex biodiversity of the world’s oldest rainforest harbours a wealth of camouflaged creatures, whose long term survival is testimony to their success.

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